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Emit less & increase profits

Nature is a gift.

Technology–be it a shovel or giant excavation machinery–makes possible access to natural resources.  Billions of people benefit from harvested resources.  We don’t believe anyone prefers to live without.

M-Squared distributes tools which, when properly matched to equipment,  reduce or eliminate inevitable fugitives, vibrations and many system inefficiencies evolving from fossil fuel extraction and transportation processes, reducing footprints and noise pollution, improving bottom lines and leaving nature natural.

We can help make your mark without leaving one.

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M-Squared helps operators protect sensitive areas by increasing process efficiencies.  We distribute tools designed to shrink the impact of extracting and transporting commodities.  We have solutions for you!


We offer tools that ensure those millions spent on natural gas compression aren't wasted.

Fugutive gases

M-Squared offers strategies and tools matching your objectives to identify, capture and recycle fugitives.

Silence of the lambs

From testing elements to designing and replacing entire suppressor systems, M-Squared has solutions that keep your organization operating at peak effectiveness!

Vibrations kill!

The physics of compression have significant consequences. M-Squared introduces vibration isolators designed to ensure your bang isn't costing you elsewhere anytime.

There are no TOO TOUGH obstacles.

With M-Squared’s financing options, you don’t have to wait until government regulators force compliance.  Enjoy benefits of forward leaning today at costs–and profits!– that will surprise you!

Our story

M-Squared wasn’t born overnight.  We cut our teeth over decades and thousands of customer interactions.

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Don’t suffer “late adopter” anxieties!  M-Squared has the resources, experience, guidance and products to keep you competitive and steadily growing now and in the future!

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